Friday, June 18, 2010

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At the moment we are collecting, photographing and organizing work created by the organic streetscape projekt participants.

We will update what members and friends are currently working on
and post more information on future projects and events.

***We'll especially keep you up to date on the collaboration projekt with artists and musicians living in Canada and Ukraine.

so be patient

come back and visit the blog

and stay tuned for news and happenings in the near future !

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions
September of 2010

This is a call for submissions to the ORGANIC STREETSCAPE PROJEKT: a multimedia collaboration of Ukrainian and Canadian artists and musicians to blow open the discussion on Ukrainian identity in the two countries.

The independently student-run project will be organized around a musical collaboration between Lviv-based Ukrainian folk band LUDY DOBRI and Toronto gypsy punk troupe WORLDLY SAVAGES, but aims to involve young artists of all mediums and genres from both Ukraine and Canada.

Specifically, we are looking for pieces; painting, graphic design, photography, short film, textile work, poetry/prose, multimedia, etc... that dynamically address the notion of Ukrainian identity in its many and diverse forms, whether urban, rural, local, global, unified, segregated, hyphenated, displaced, ignored, suppressed, empowered, or otherwise. How do you feel about being Ukrainian (or not being Ukrainian)? What is your connection of Ukrainian culture? We want to hear about it.

A similar call for Submissions will be issued in Lviv, Ukraine, calling students from LUDY DOBRI’s home base to weigh in on the discussion. Selected works from both countries will be displayed together at a gallery event in downtown Toronto as well as at the Toronto Ukrainian Festival in September; the bands will perform at these events.

Submission requirements:

1. Contact information: Name, Address, E-mail, Phone number
2. 3-5 images of recent work, preferably work you wish to be considered
Please send in:
JPG format
3. A list showing file number, date, title, medium and dimensions for each image
4. Artist Statement and proposal

*Artist statement and proposal should include a brief background information of applicant's work, as well as a brief description of the proposal and how you think your work can fit into this project

Deadline: Interested artists should submit their proposals by July 19th, 2010. Accepted proposals must be ready for installation/display for the month of September 2010.

Interested parties should send their application to:

-Oksana Hawrylak

Please visit the links to the bands' booking videos and OSP member Stephanie Sirant's multimedia projekt for an idea of what OSP is looking for:

Ludy Dobri: http://
Wordly Savages: http://
Stephanie Sirant: http://